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What makes bread so good and good for you?
Bread is the result of the fermentation of complex carbohydrates (starch sugar) of wheat or other types of cereal such as rye, spelt, kamut, oat, buckwheat, barley etc. As in wine or beer, the fermentation transforms the sugar into alcohol and carbonic gas.
The flour's sugar or starch (complex carbohydrates) during fermentation, give off organic acids rather than alcohol, which in turn evaporate during baking. Yeast is needed to start any type of fermentation; yeasts used for bread making are those found naturally in unbleached and untreated flours or bakers yeast, which is obtained by accelerated development on molasses.
In the first, we obtain a sourdough bread, in the second, a yeasted bread. In both cases the yeasts working are the same micro-organisms. The only difference is, baker's yeast has much more of these micro-organisms than natural flour can ever have; it's action is triple that of sourdough's.
Contrary to popular belief, yeasted bread is not less natural than is sourdough bread, on the other hand sourdough taking a much longer time to develop generates more organic acids which impart the bread with a 'sour' taste that people love so much.
Finally, there exists intermediary ways to making bread which encompasses the two basic techniques: the sourdough/yeast method (mixed sourdough method) or the fermented dough method.
Bread quality (taste, texture, conservation, digestibility) is directly proportional to the time of fermentation: the faster the fermentation period (when a large quantity of yeast is required), the result is a poor tasting bread, harder to digest and certainly it will lose its freshness within 24 hours or less.
A good bread is always the result of a long fermentation, whether it be a sourdough or made with fresh yeast (only a small amount, but let to rise for a long period of time). In short, bread is characterized by the cereal with which it is made of and by the method used in order to make it.

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"Albert's mom is correct about the stronger bones. Just look at me. Must be all that goodness Bill puts into his bread. "

- Jimmy Hoffa




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